Adventures in Hot Pepper Sauce

Two eight ounce swing top bottles and one two ounce swing top jar sitting on a kitchen table. The vessels are filled with hot pepper sauce.

Let me warn you now: this recipe will produce an extremely hot sauce, and the objective will be to make the flavour of the peppers the star of the show.

Another warning: as you prepare the sauce, you’ll almost certainly notice that the fumes are strong and irritating. I always prepare mine outside. If you can’t do that, make sure that you cook on the back burner to give your fume hood exhaust a fighting chance.

And now a suggestion: Latex gloves will be your friends as you chop your peppers. I promise you that the LAST thing you want to do is to find out the hard way that you’ve still got hot pepper residue on your fingers.

Also, there’s this: I have a separate set of prep tools for pepper sauce. What I said about pepper residue on your fingers goes just the same for pepper residue on utensils and cooking equipment. No matter how well you clean that blender, there’s always a possibility that you’ll wind up with a spicy milk shake the next time you use it. No-one ever really wants a spicy milk shake, no matter what they tell you.

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